We have our servers and services at numerous data-centres around the world, therefore creating a virtual network of ourselves and making it impossible to have serious impact company wide. You’ve heard about redundancy? We’re re-writing the book on it, so to speak.

At the moment we are physically present in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom – London
  • Germany – Saarbrücken
  • United States – Secaucus (NJ) and Los Angeles (CA)
  • the Netherlands – Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Australia – Brisbane (QLD), Sydney (NSW) and Melbourne (VIC)
  • Planned: Houston (TX), USA and Paris, France and HongKong and China

Each data-centre lives up to all our standards and are connected through multiple connections, have access control, fire prevention, climate control and (emergency) power supplies, to name but a few.

Proper working and reliable DNS is obviously the next thing that makes or breaks the persistant presence of your website. That is the reason why we are using the DNSonWeb service as this is a state of the art DNS cluster of servers that is spread around the globe.
At the moment there are 5 locations that carry the DNSonWeb servers in 4 countries on 3 continents.

How secure do you want to be? Very secure!