R the Company is a low budget, high quality Internet Service Provider with a limited, but balanced amount of services.

We will fully focus and commit to this limited number of services so that you get the best possible quality for the best price available and we are dedicated to hitting that sweet spot! We will give you web(hosting) services that you need and can use. Powerful, yet easy to use.

We do think that the best way to give you what you want is by getting into a conversation with you, so If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, please send us a message, we might just think it’s a brilliant idea and get it done or we might just have that planned already.

The people that work for R the Company are spread over the globe. Therefore there are always people looking after our and your services. This is the peace of mind that we would like ourselves and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Our head office is located at:

85 Great Portland Street
First Floor
London W1W 7LT
United Kingdom

UK and main telephone number: +44 20 3500 02 01

The language spoken at R the Company is English, but you can use the following local numbers to get in touch:
Nederlands lokaal nummer: +31 85 560 73 13
Numéro de téléphone local français: +33 9 751 21 603
Local number in New York, USA: +1 631 729 53 18
Número local en España: +34 960 74 127

Chamber of Commerce: 08389542
VAT number: GB171645015


Take note:
We are a Digital company and therefore unsolicited physical mail to either the office or registered address will not be accepted unless approved beforehand by mail or ticket.