Team of geeksWe are a team of communicative geeks that love to create value to our proposition. Our combined years in the hosting industry would force us into retirement but we’re only just starting.

Having started in the era where recording the lines of code you programmed to a standard audio cassette so that we’ld be able to continue next time, we know what we are talking about. From the first modems, that squealed, till today we thrive on keeping up, keeping busy and keeping innovative.

Low prices do not have to mean low quality and we’re happy to prove that. Our interface is second to none and the ease of use will surprise you. You’ll feel like a pro within minutes and you’ll be able to dive in even further if you would want to.

What are our main business focus points?

  • Making technology simple.
  • Give the clients what they want for the lowest price.
  • Stick to a limited amount of services and be excellent at those.
  • Make sure all services are as reliable as we, ourselves, would want them to be.
  • Be clear in our communications and commitments.

You’ll love it here and we love having you.
Let R the Company be your (virtual) home from home.