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Big price drop on several domain extensions: .uk, .co.uk, .eu, .de, .fr and .it!

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Big price drop on several domain extensions: .uk, .co.uk, .eu, .de, .fr and .it!

We thank you, our clients, for coming to us in ever bigger numbers. Of course we regard it as a big compliment that forever more new clients seem to be referred to us by existing clients, that must mean we’re doing things right. And this does have a positive effect that benefits you too!

As we’re growing bigger, and it being our policy to give you the best quality for the very best price possible, this has impact on our services and their pricing as we have been able to scale up a level in varius services and with several suppliers.

Today we proudly announce that it’s because of this that we are able to substantially lower the prices of new registration of the following 6 domain extensions:

These prices have been implemented and any new registration will benefit from this right away.

There are more changes coming soon, but we wanted to give you these savings as soon as possible.

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