Spam which says: Domain Name ….. have been suspended

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Dear clients, and everyone else that has a domain name registered:

Please be aware that an immense Spam run might hit you too!
The title will be something in the lines of: Domain Name ….. have been suspended

We have been seeing and hearing many examples of a similar mail that tells you, in rather bad English, that your domain name will be suspended for violation of the providers Abuse Policy.

The mail will ask you to ‘Click here and download’ but DON’T DO THAT!

If you look at the mail address the E-mail has been send from and at the link it tries to send you to you will see it’s not from us or any other reputable provider. The mail will look different from what you are used to and the wording might sound strange as well.

Do not click on any link in those E-mails and if you are in doubt create a new E-mail and ask your provider about any suspension issues or start a ticket from your secure client area! (making sure you see https:// and the green lock symbol in front of the URL)

If you have any questions or worries, let us know.

the R the Company Security Team