Linux kernel’s Torvalds: ‘I am truly sorry’ for ‘unprofessional’ rants, I need a break to get help

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Project chief vows to learn to ‘understand people’s emotions’ after F-bomb explosions

King Kernel … Linus Torvalds

Linux kernel firebrand Linus Torvalds has apologized for his explosive rants, and vowed to take a break from the open-source project and seek help.

In a mailing list message on Sunday, Torvalds admitted his “flippant attacks in emails” to fellow Linux programmers and project contributors “have been both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made it personal … I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry.”

“I need to change some of my behavior,” he added, “and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely.”

Torvalds, who created the Linux operating system kernel in 1991 and has overseen its development ever since, also promised …

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