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New graphic manual for Joomla: Admin

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R the Company has just released another new manual, the graphic version of the Manual for Joomla: Admin. This is a manual discussing and depicting the basics of Joomla: Admin in 17 elaborate but easy to follow steps. making sure you set the right options as an admin will make the install more secure, will make it run smoother and will prevent you from having to dive in and correct things that might go ‘wrong’ otherwise.

The pictures might be slightly different from the interface you’ll see, but the functions should be the same.

You can find the graphic manual for Joomla: Admin here

This Joomla: Admin howto is another manual in a whole series of new style manuals that R the Company will be bringing out over the next weeks. They will include chapters on Direct Admin, WordPress, Plesk, phpMyAdmin, phpMyAdmin, WHCMS, Softaculous, SquirrelMail, PayPal, Joomla CMS, CMS Made Simple XHTML, RoundCube, PrestaShop, CubeCart, OpenCart, osCommerce and Drupal to name but a few. If there are any specific wishes for a certain manual, please let us know, we might just agree and help you out with that.

You can install Joomla with our amazing 1-Click-Installer (included in our hosting packages) in a few minutes or you can get the software here and do it yourself.