Register your .uk domain now, while you still have more rights to it!

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The new shorter, sharper domain has arrived!

At least, that is how Nominet, the registry responsible for maintaining the .uk domain registration, calls it. And we do agree with them for a large part. Typing .uk is and will always be shorter and therefore less error prone then having to type, that’s easy to see, but many will automatically type it the ‘old fashioned’ way for a while to come, even if it’s only because they are following a link that hasn’t been updated yet.

But, nonetheless, it’s important to register your .uk domain now if you already have a name, as you’ll have priority rights on the name for a while. You can check if you have the priority rights by following this link . Check your priority rights

Welcome .uk

You do have a while still, but there might be others that have some rights to that name too, so it’s best to be safe and register your .uk now. To use your right to the name, the details of ‘old’ domain name and the .uk to register should correspond, that way the check if you are the one entitled to use it will go through pretty quickly in our experience.

So, don’t wait and regsiter your .uk domain here for only £ 5.99